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my perspective on life changed...

turns out i dont want to be who i thought i wanted...

A lot of years, life stories, and emotions went into making this album. Hell, I even moved coast to coast twice during the process of this album. Each song goes way deeper than you may interpret from the lyrics and music alone. Instead of letting all those stories collect dust, i want to share them with you, cause I know how difficult life can get. Finding people who feel the same as you, or share the same experiences can help you feel less alone. So that's my hope... I hope you take these stories... and you connect, live, love, and feel less alone.

Click the button below, enter your email, and ill send you the 9 songs on this album throughout the next 6 days. A deep dive behind every song and tons of feel good stuff.

I hope you enjoy and feel a little less alone.

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