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Welcome To The Family, I just sent you an email 😎

as a thank you...

i want to give you a FREE signed copy of my album 
"Who I Thought I Wanted To Be"

i’m giving away a handful of these CDs as my gift to those who made it this far.
just cover the shipping, and I’ll send it right to your door.

note – this offer is only available for residents of the USA at this time. it will soon be offered worldwide. thank you for understanding!


i only printed and signed 100 limited edition copies of my Album "Who I Thought I Wanted To Be" - so get yours before they sell out!

for real... FREE or pay what you want...


i'm an Alternative Pop artist that's been turning my depressing and nostalgic life experiences (some good ones too) into songs for over 10 years...


i grew up in Central Massachusetts right near Worcester (you know, where Joyner Lucas, Four Year Strong, and The Hotelier are from). i've been playing in small local bands my whole life, dreaming of the day i could tour and play my songs for people like you on the road. but you know, other than that, in my free time, i also love to snowboard, longboard, travel, and watch hockey.

i write music about my personal life in hopes that whoever hears it can relate and feel something. i write about my personal trauma, depression, failed relationships, pain, nostalgia, and some nicer things as well. 

my music has been featured in Hollywood Life, The Hype Magazine, In Alternative Blog, and has even been featured on idobi Radio

you might even recognize me from this video/song


i'm an independent artist so that means it's literally just me. i have no manager, team, or record label helping me out. 

it's incredibly hard to get your music heard by people unless you have the social media algo gods on your side and its even harder to get those people to actually stick around to care about and actually listen to your music.

so i thought instead of trying to get you to interact with me online, i wanna bring back the nostalgia of actually interacting with artists physically. i want real, genuine connection with my fans. a connection that goes much deeper than a spotify or tiktok link.


the realist way for me to interact with you, unless i fly to your house...

with the most vulnerable parts of me.
my music, my art.


okay, so paying any amount of money to a random person you just heard of is certainly a red flag. even if you love my music, and what I stand for. so let me tell you exactly what I'm going to send you so you have no questions...


a limited edition signed CD of my Album "Who I Thought I Wanted To Be"  straight from my apartment, NOT some warehouse or FYE


a personalized hand written card from me. like i said, i want a personal, real, genuine relationship with my fans

Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 3.03.44 PM.png

a full deep dive behind every song. you'll get downloads, lyrics, and full stories to every song through a 6 day online experience with me.


you can tip more if you want, but everything is FREE, i promise

shipped directly from my apartment in MA bbs. NOT Jeffrey Bezos


I consider my fans an extension of my family. There's one thing I love most and that's good times with friends and family. Getting together to celebrate life, love, and amazing memories. And that's exactly what I'm here to create through music, and I want you to be a part of it. ​I think we're all searching for something to be a part of. Something that makes us feel like we belong. Whether you like to have a good time, want to share your feelings, or just share a love of music, you BELONG here.​

Music is what I live for...
and I want to share a part of my life with you.
To welcome you to my personal family, let me send you a FREE copy of my Album "Who I Thought I Wanted To Be"


thanks so much for reaching the bottom of this page and reading what i have to say. i hope i'll be connecting with you personally soon and would love to make a new friendship.

Thanks for being here

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