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Here, we're all family

Want to be a part of it?


There's one thing I love most and that's good times with friends and family. Getting together to celebrate life, love, and amazing memories. And that's exactly what I'm here to create through music, and YOU are invited.

I think we're all searching for something to be a part of. Something that makes us feel like we belong. Whether you like to have a good time, want to share your feelings, or just share a love of music, YOU belong here. 

I released my first EP in 2019, and I want to share those songs and stories with you through an interactive online hangout at my place. Consider it an open invitation to stop by my house any time. For real, here, we're all friends for life. Let's bond over music, good times, love, heartbreak, and life.

You belong here.

Welcome Home

As your host, I want to make sure you feel welcomed from the start.

So Here's what I have planned for our Hangout:

A deep dive into my EP "Space Between Words on a Page"

Behind the scenes looks into my music and life

Listen to my new unreleased music

Jam to never before heard music

Get to know me personally

Direct Communication

Chill in Club Emotion


Friends are lit 2024

What To Expect

I remember when Artists had "street teams" and were more personal with their fans. Now a days it feels like bands just release music and that's it, theirs no other connection. They say "we have the greatest fans ever" but that's about it. Music is about community, passion, relating to one another.


I want a deeper, personal relationship with you. You are just as important as my music, so I want to build our relationship into something beautiful. Friends and family are what make us feel whole so that's the relationship I want to create with you.

Welcome to the family.


A deep dive into my EP "Space Between Words on a Page"

A lot of emotions, personality, and life experiences went into this EP. I want to breakdown every song with you. The lyrics, the stories, my life experiences. You can probably relate to the meaning behind all of these songs and I think that's what's beautiful about music. 

Behind the scenes looks into my music and life

There's so much more that goes into music than just the music itself. We're gonna bond about life, insecurities, heartbreak, passions. I have photos, stories, and videos I can't wait to share with you. I think it's important to bond with people who share the same stories. It helps you feel less alone and I hope you never feel alone again.

Listen to my new unreleased music

You're a part of the family now, so you know I'm gonna share all my new music with you! Before the world hears my new music, I gotta run it by my friends and family first. Like I said before, you are just as important as my music, so maybe I can even bounce new ideas off you to get your input!

Jam to never before heard music

I've got an EP that I never released. Instead of letting it collect dust, I figure I can share it with you! A lot of emotions went into that EP that I know you could probably relate to. 

Get To Know Me Personally

Let's be honest, we all have trauma, heartbreak, and things we wish we could forget. I know feelings can be hard to share with other people, but I hope you can find comfort in my stories and open up to me as well. 

Direct Communication

Like I said, I want a personal relationship with you. I want to be close friends. Friends talk directly to each other, so I will be sending you personal emails directly written and sent by me. Not some manager, or label, they are all straight from me. Feel free to respond back to say hello or share a story!

Chill in Club Emotion

The music I write is a direct influence from the music I listen to. Club Emotion is a place where we chill, listen to music, and catch up like we've known each other for years. So I've curated a playlist of music that I absolutely love. Music for best friends, good times, good laughs. There's nothing better than hanging with your close friends, listening to fire music, and talking about life.

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