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deep dive into everything behind my EP

Space Between Words on a Page

In 2019 I was just discovering who I was as a person, and what I wanted to do with my life. Growing up is a scary thing and happens so quick. Sometimes you don't even have time to process the emotions. I felt like I was sinking and didn't know how to deal with life. So i decided to start writing music as a way to express my feelings. This is the first EP of songs I wrote by myself. These songs are the product of true love, heartbreak, loss, finding myself and much more.

I know i'm not the only one who's sometimes feels scared of growing old, so thats why I made these songs. And thats why i want to share the stories behind each of these songs with you. You're not alone.

Click the button below, enter your email, and ill send you the 5 songs on this EP throughout the next 7 days, along with other behind the scenes goods.

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