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Day 5: I Loved You, Once

"The Way I Was Before I Met You"

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Behind The Lyrics

I wrote this song during the early months of 2018. The lyrics to this song were written during the middle of a snowy night at a lake I used to go to all the time growing up. I was in a vulnerable state of mind where I was still in love with a person but I knew things weren't going to work out, so I wanted to hate them so badly. This song is essentially about feeling lost, then you stumble into this person that makes you feel complete. How beautiful it feels in that moment, then the next it's over and you feel like you're back to where you started.

I Loved You, Once


You lost me in a maze before you ever met me

I fell in love with you the second I saw your face

How could you leave me alone without a taste

Now all I'm left with is "I hate you" without a chase


I love you

I hate you


Thinking back a year ago I thought I really meant this

Thought you would stay never believed that you would end this

Not hard to say it's not a secret just why you left

Damn I thought you would've stayed you could've stayed oh please stay


I love you

I hate you


Oh I feel nothing

I drown myself just to feel something

Oh I feel numb now do you feel it too

The way I was before I met you

The first music video I ever made

I also thought it would be cool to share the final script for the music video. You can read through and get a deeper understanding of what's happening in the video.

Original Single Artwork

ILYO Single Cover.jpg

I wish I had thought to take more behind the scenes photos, but this is all I got. We shot for 3 days around the Hampton Beach area in New Hampshire. I thought it would be cool to film here because it's been a place I had been going to my whole life

Original Studio Teaser

Thanks for being here

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