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Day 7: Welcome to

Club Emotion


You might be wondering what Club Emotion is... It's actually a funny story. So when I was 21, my friends and I used to go to bars all the time in the Worcester, MA area (like any kid that's finally able to get into a bar). Now Worcester is pretty sick now a days but back a few years ago there wasn't really much to do besides hit college and dive bars. So being young stupid kids, we would chill, have a few drinks, listen to sick music, and talk about life before we would go to bars. But after a few months of doing the same thing and hearing shitty music, it gets pretty old... After a while we realized we had more fun just hanging together, listening to actual good music, and bonding over life. At that point we started calling it "Club Emotion" mostly as a joke making fun of us. But it's something that has stuck with us over the years and has developed into something sentimental. and I want this to be sentimental to you as well. So Club Emotion is a place where we chill, listen to music, bond over life, and appreciate the people we have in our life.

The music I write is a direct influence from music I listen to. So I've curated a Spotify playlist of music I'm inspired by, absolutely love, and am currently listening to. Music for best friends, good times, good laughs. There's nothing better than hanging with your close friends, listening to fire music, and talking about life.

Check it out below


The Playlist

Perfect for...

late night drives, vacation, relaxing, and everything else. Club Emotion is always better with good company, but good company can always just be yourself! Feel free to save and share the playlist with your friends, we're all family here. If you have any ideas on additions to the playlist, feel free to send me an email and I'll check it out!

Thanks For Being Here

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