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somebody new

"Here’s to those who’ve broken down on bathroom floors"

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Behind The Lyrics

This song is about backstabbing lovers. About the painful, angry, and depressing thoughts that run through your mind when you find out your lover has cheated on you. About spiraling depression and substance abuse. About the people who think it’s okay to hurt their lover’s behind their back for the benefit of themselves and not care how it affects the other person. This song is about cheating. 


Finding out you’re being cheated on is probably one of the worst feelings you could have in your life. I’ve personally been through it multiple times, and I’ve heard many excuses. I don't think I’ve ever experienced a type of pain and emptiness as bad as cheating. I had such a whirlwind of emotions. Wanting to scream, wanting to fix things and make it alright, feeling lost and empty. I felt so hopeless and lost on what to do. I wanted to make things better, but knew that was a tall mountain to climb. Even if I decided to forgive and forget, I knew there would be times I couldn't help but think “is it happening again”. But I also didn't know how to cope without having them in my life anymore.


This song isn't directed at anyone in particular in my life, but living through being cheated on was one of the hardest things I ever had to overcome. I would never wish anything bad on anyone but sometimes you can't help but think terrible thoughts when you’re so mad, angry and broken. This was one of the lowest parts of my life, I was so lost, broken and unhealthy. I was blacking out from drugs and alcohol cause I just wanted to forget. Obviously this only made my mental health worse but I didn't know what else to do.


I know living through abuse is not easy and making the decision to leave and sticking to it can almost be even harder. I hope you can’t relate to this song, but if you do, know you’re not alone. You are worth all the love in this world and I hope you never forget that.



Here’s to those who cheated, lied

And have the nerve to go back to the “ones they love”

Like nothing happened, beg respect and 

Claim the victim, blame your parents


Blame it miscommunication

I don’t care you’re fucking leaving

Pack your shit and fake ass love 

Tell me I was never enough


You’re lips are like serpents babe

Baby you’re dead to me

Toss your makeup out the window

Bitch we’re not equal


You made this home a haunted house

All the ghosts are not as loud

As the voices in my head yea

But I’m not dead yet


And I know 

That I said for life

And I know 

I’m worth somebody new

Somebody who’s not you

Somebody new


Here’s to those who’ve broken down on bathroom floors

From mixing drugs and alcohol

I hope you know you’re not alone

I’ve been there too from self abuse


When I’m laying in between the sheets

You’re laying with intimacy 

With someone else that isn’t me

Yea why you feel the need 


I hope your new boy plays you

Exactly how you used to do

Maybe then you’ll realize

You’re a waste a time 


And I know 

That I said for life

And I know 

I’m worth somebody new

Somebody who’s not you

Somebody new


This is the first demo of somebody new

somebody new Demo

Thanks for being here

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