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Forgotten Youth In Dusted Frames

FYIDF album art (front).png

Behind The Album

I wrote the songs for this album throughout 2023 - 2024. I’ve always been a product of pop punk, alternative rock, and pop rock music. Ever since I can remember I've always been drawn to the energy and community feeling that rock music has. It’s truly the type of music that moved me in such a way that I felt absolutely euphoric when I listened to it. Whether it was the energy of the music, or the way I connected to the lyrics, it’s truly the one thing I found that made me feel fully alive. The type of euphoric feeling I get when I hear rock music (especially see it live) is the reason why I started making music. The venue goes dark, the crowd start’s cheering, then you hear and feel the vibrations of music start playing from your favorite artist. You get a rush of serotonin that everyone around you feels and suddenly you realize everyone is there for a reason. For the same reason you are, to feel alive.
The music I listen to truly defines who I am, which is why I named each song on this album after an artist. Every song on this album is dedicated to an artist that changed my life growing up and  every song has a reference to an album by the artist. These artists are truly special to me, so I wanted to show my respects to them in a different way than just saying thank you. I also thought it would be a cool way to give you a new artist to listen to when you hear each song. Thank you to all of these artists for helping shape who I am.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for holding this album in your hands and reading what I have to say. I would be nothing without you caring about my art and listening to my music. Thank you for supporting my dream.

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Albums that inspired the songs

have mercy.jpeg

I put this music video here because it literally brings me back to my teenage years. This music video for State Champs was filmed at Warped Tour in my home state of MA. I think I was 19 at the time and remember being so stoked because I loved State Champs and wanted to be in this music video. I was just a reckless teenage kid, hanging out with my friends, and we decided we're gonna stage dive to try to get in this music video, and that's what we did lol. This video literally brings me back to my youth and brings back so many good memories. Great music, friends, Warped Tour, those were such great days. At 1:03 you'll see me stage diving right next to Derek. Wild times.

Thanks for being here

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